Are you looking to replace traditional paper-based, signing-in books with a sleek, stylish and user-friendly electronic based Visitor Management System? Cintrix Systems can design, supply and install an easy-to-use, secure, modern electronic Visitor Management System to help streamline your front desk and add a professional look to any reception area.

  • Manages the signing-in of visitors, contractors and employees
  • Record various details (e.g. vehicle registration, company name, person visiting etc)
  • Require visitors to sign customisable agreements
  • Capture visitor photographs
  • Wireless printing of custom ID Labels
  • Pre-register visitors for the day they arrive
  • Instantly notify employees of visitor arrivals by email
  • Evacuation Mode
  • Can be configured for multiple login locations on a site
  • Can be synchronised across multiple sites
  • Helps compliance with GDPR & Health & Safety

Our Visitor Management Systems seamlessly record all visitors and employees and allow for real-time management to identify persons on site either now or in the past.  The system looks professional, can be customised to match your own brand and is very easy to use:

Visitor Management System Custom Branding

1. Tap Screen to Sign-In

2. Enter details using touchscreen

3. Sign Visitor Agreement (if required)

4. Print ID Label

Apple iPad

All of our Visitor Management Systems are supplied with the latest Apple iPad with at least 9.8” Touch-Screen Retina Display and Wi-Fi.

A permanent Wi-Fi connection is highly recommended and is required for full functionality. For security, the iPad will be fully locked down to only run the Visitor Management System.

The iPad can be supplied with either a black or white bezel to match the environment.

Secure Mounts

All of our Visitor Management Systems are supplied with secure mounts. All mounts are locked with a security key and conceal all power cables. Depending on the mount, most can be tilted or rotated.

The system can be supplied with a choice of various mounts including wall mounts, desk mounts and floor mounts.

The mounts can be selected in either a black or white finish.

Label Printer

All of our Visitor Management Systems can be supplied with Wireless Label Printers, which automatically print an ID Label once the visitor has signed in. Being wireless, means that the printer can be concealed behind a reception desk.

The ID Label can be customised to show:

  • Name of the visitor
  • Photograph of the visitor
  • The name of the visitor’s company
  • The name of who visitor is visiting

The labels have a sticky backing so can be instantly applied to clothing.

Company Branding

Creating the right impression in business is everything. Our Visitor Management Systems can be customised to show your logo and colour scheme to reinforce your branding.

  • Add your own background
  • Add your own company logo
  • Customise parts of the system with your own accent colours
  • Add your company logo to printed ID labels

Visitor Management System Custom Branding
Visitor Management System Custom Branding
Visitor Management System Custom Branding
Visitor Management System Custom Branding

Evacuation Mode

Our Visitor Management System can be used during emergency situations as the system knows who is on site at all times. The system will allow:

  • Quick access to the list of people signed in
  • Use of the iPad for roll call during emergency evacuations
  • Tick off people who have evacuated directly on the iPad

Remote Management

Our Visitor Management System is cloud based and therefore can be accessed through a Remote Management Dashboard. The Dashboard can be used to:

  • See visitors which are currently signed in to the site
  • See employees which are current signed in to the site
  • Pre-register any visitors to the site
  • Download evacuation reports
  • Download various reports on activity
  • Delete records for GDPR compliance

For further information, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help. Our details can be found here.