Fire ExtinguishersFire Extinguishers can help make the difference when tackling small fires, helping to protect the safety of your property, business, staff and visitors. The correct selection and placement of fire extinguishers is critical.

Cintrix Systems only supplies CE and BSI Kite marked extinguishers, ensuring the quality of each potentially lifesaving extinguisher. Through our experienced Engineers, we can install portable fire extinguishers to meet the requirements of BS 5306-8 ensuring that the appropriate extinguisher is correctly installed and suitable for application.

Water – Used on fires involving materials such as wood, paper and textiles (Class A fires).
Foam – Used on fuel fires to seal the fuel starving the fire of oxygen (Class A & B fires).
Powder – Used on all types of fire including materials, oils, gas and electrical equipment (Class A, B & C fires).
CO2 – Used primarily for fighting electrical fires.
Wet Chemical – Used on fires involving cooking oils and fats (Class F fires).


Regular servicing is essential. The occupier/owner of the premises should appoint a competent person to maintain the portable fire extinguishers regularly (at least annually).

Cintrix Systems offers flexible maintenance packages to suit your business needs. Cintrix Systems can maintain your portable extinguishers to meet the requirements of BS 5306-3. To see a list of all of our fire safety services, please click here

Our maintenance package includes:

  • Free site survey and advice on current protection levels
  • Regular preventative maintenance visits
  • Reduced parts & labour charges
  • No mileage charges
  • Priority response to emergencies
  • Access to our 24/7 Emergency Callout Facility

For more information on the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, please click here.